Mack Jones
Weapon of Choice: Ski
Home Town: Ottawa, Canada
Weapon of Choice: Ski
Home Town: Ottawa, Canada

How old are you and where are you from?

- 23 years old, originally from Ottawa, Ontario, now currently residing in Vancouver/Whistler, BC.

When did you start skiing?

- I started skiing in grade 7. A little late compared to others, but when our family moved to Ottawa at that time it was the first time I'd lived in a winter climate and actually had the chance to ski! Love at first turn. 

Why do you ski? 

- I ski because of the freedom it allows me to challenge, express, and push myself in unique ways every single time I put my skis on. I love that I have the chance to do something I've never done or go somewhere I've never been every time I go skiing, and I can do all this with my best friends. 

Who is your biggest influence in skiing?

- Growing up, it was hometown hero Dave Crichton. His style of skiing is what I tried to mimic - smooth airs, tech rails, and all-round versatility. Now, my biggest influences in skiing are my friends that I ride with every day. They all have such unique styles and bags of tricks that they influence me to push my skiing in ways I wouldn't normally go, and I like that. 

Who is your biggest life influence?

-  I'm not sure I can pick any single influence, as there are so many important people in my life. However that being said, my awesome parents have been and always will be major influences on me… they're the best. Them and Michael Jordan. 

What is your favorite ODT product?


- My favorite Outdoor Tech products are the Buckshot and the Turtle Shell 2.0. I love riding with the Buckshot in my pocket so I can be people's source of music while we're riding or while we're on the chair. For hiking, camping, and activities on the go, I love the Turtle Shell's big sound. The best part: I never need to worry about wires or getting them wet!

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